#BJ_Fosi, BlankPaper 28.01.2013 [eng

After assisting Antonio Xoubanova’s session, Fosi Vegue took the relay and the challenge of becoming next bookjockey. But it took a bit long to come up, we let pass december, full of celebrations, to restart activities on january. Just back from holidays we announced next session this way:

Cartel para el segundo BookJockey en PlayBlankPaper, por Fosi Vegue

Fosi Vegue, director in BlankPaper School, made up a list of 20 books connected by the idea of how photobooks deal with love issues.

This is the book list we could see, and in this order:

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Nan Goldin, Aperture, 1986
Sentimental Journey / Winter Journey, Nobuyoshi Araki, Shinchosha, Tokyo Japan, 1991
The Brown Sisters, Nicholas Nixon, MOMA, 2002
Southwest, Paul Strand, Aperture, 2004
The Wedding, Nick Waplington, Aperture, 1996
Living Room, Nick Waplington, Aperture, 1991
The Wedding, Boris Mikhailov, Mörel Books, 2010
Niagara, Alec Soth, Steidl, 2008
Eden is a Magic World, Miguel Calderón, Little Big Man, 2011
Revelations, Diane Arbus, Schirmer Mosel, 2003
The Park, Kohei Yoshiyuki, Yossi Milo, 2007
Storyville Portraits, E. J. Bellocq, MOMA, 1970
Tichy, Miroslav Tichy, Roman Buxbaum, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2008
Izas, rabizas y colipoterras,  Juan Colom, Camilo José Cela, Lumen, 1964
Witkin, Joel Peter Witkin, Scalo, 1995
Stigma, Antoine d’Agata, Imágenes en Manoevres Editions, 1979
Ravens, Fukase Masahisa, Akira Hasegawa, 1986
Far Cry, Paulo Nozolino, Steidl, 2005
Casa de Campo, Antonio M. Xoubanova, Mack, 2013
Love on the Left Bank, Ed van der Elsken, Dewi Lewis, 1999

And this is how the session developed:
BJ_Fosi on storify

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