Sadreddine Arezki & Annakarin Quinto, Le PhotobookFest, Paris, 16.11.2013 [eng

Sadreddine Arezki & Annakarin Quinto made the first four-hands bookjockey ever, in their very first time as bookjockeys and it was part of -also- first edition of Le PhotobookFest. The session was hold at Picture Tank headquarters, 19 rue Besson, 75020 Paris, France, on 16.11.2013 at 5 pm, and was announced with this flyer:Book_DJ_flyer_2_ENG


You can see the display they used to show books through the screen:

photo: courtesy of Le Photobookfest 2013

photo: courtesy of Le Photobookfest 2013

And BJ_Arezki & BJ_Quinto enjoying it!

photo: courtesy of Le Photobookfest 2013

photo: courtesy of Le Photobookfest 2013

Annakarin recorded the session with a webcam so you can have some idea of their experience:

And finally the list of all the books they played with, in this order:

Lines of my Hand, Robert Frank, Random House, 1989
Everybody’s card, Martine Derks / Xavier Fernandez, Centerfold, 2011
Selfportraits: Vivian Maier, John Maloof, Vivian Maier, powerHouse Books, 2013
Sasha, Claudine Doury, Caillou Bleu, 2011
Framing the West: The Survey Photographs of Timothy H. O’sullivan, Toby Jurovics, Carol Johnson, William F. Stapp, Glenn Willumson, Yale University Press, 2010
Back to Mama, Sven Jacobsen, Kehrer, 2011
Polaroids, Walker Evans, Scalo Publishers, 2001
Hide and seek, Beata Szparagowska, Le Caillou Bleu, 2011
Self Portrait, Lee Friedlander, MoMA, 2005
Brisées, Helen Sear, GOST Books, 2013
L’Europe du silence, Stéphane Duroy, Filigranes Editions, 2000
Open See, Jim Goldberg, Steidl, 2009
Farewell to Bosnia, Gilles Peress, Scalo Publishers, 1994
Passione, giustizia, libertà. Fotografie dalla Sicilia, Letizia Battaglia, 24 Ore Cultura, 1999
Black Passport, Stanley Greene, Thames Hudson/Aperture/Blume, 2010
Typology of human language, Lionel Bayol Thémines, Lbt books Carnet N°1, 2013
Anticorps, D’Agata, Editions Xavier Barral, 2012
American Night, Paul Graham, Steidl, 2008
Noces, Gilbert Fastenekaens, ARP Editions, 2004
Un jour après l’Eclipse, Laurent Champoussin
I see around me tombstones grey, Stefano Marchionini, self-published
Paris 88/89, Moriyama, Poursuite , 2013

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