Collective BJ/Olmo González @ P2P/PHotoEspaña, Madrid, 06.06.2014 [eng

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This session will take place between the internet and the exhibition hall of Teatro Fernán Gómez. First we will introduce an uncomplete session, with blanks for anyone who wants to add the books they consider appropiate to complete the session in a consistent way, and on friday, June 6th at 4pm (approx.), these books will be shown in the flesh during parallel rogrammed activities of P2P, within PHotoEspaña festival.

To participate you just need to bring the books you want to add on June 6th to the exhibition hall of Teatro Fernán Gómez, Plaza de Colón, 4, Madrid. All the books of the session, both provided by Olmo González and those brought by the participants, may be perused that evening, and from that day on, they will be exhibited in a display case for the rest of the exhibition time. We will try to complete the session on this website with videos of the new books for you to see them.

We leave you with the session, book by book, so you can think about what to add in the gaps. If you can confirm what books you are going to bring, much better, so we can think the space needed in the display case.


This session has its starting point at Bidean, by Miren Pastor publishing, that has been thought as a photobook and as a resource for exhibition on a wall in a puzzle fashion. In this video you can see the resulting wall set up.

With this reference, we start the session:

 1. Bidean by Miren Pastor

 2. Todo estaba pensado by Héctor Velázquez

3. Casa de Campo by Antonio Xoubanova

4. Fauna by Joan Fontcuberta

5. Afronautas by Cristina de Middel

hueco público

6. Audience’s proposals

7. Vicus. número 4, La revista gratuita de La Fortuna

8. Para ti by Centro de Arte Alcobendas

9. Autobiography by Cristobal Hara

10. Sueño 15. Sacrificio del Ynterés by Francisco de Goya

11. Coexistence by Stephen Gill

12. Gotelé Song by Miguel Ángel Tornero

13. Films by Paul Graham

hueco público

14. Audience’s proposals

15. Dossier Humint by Julián Barón

16. The Anatomy of Business by Louis Porter

17. People in trouble laughing pushed to the ground by Adam Broomberg y Oliver Chanarin

18. The Stars by nobody in particular

19. American dreaming by Jerry Spagnoli

20. Cedula de Indentidad Venezolana by Enrique Doza

21. The dissappeared by Verónica Fieiras


NOTE: The books you propose and bring to the session will be subject to discussion with the audience and they will be accepted by agreement (for example, if it fits between the previous and later, just like in any music session). You will also be able to propose changes in the original session, but the posters in th exhibition hall and this post are already definitive, so if you can adhere to the blanks, less work for us.

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