#BJ_Horacio, Blank Paper Escuela, 22.06.2013 [eng

With this session, Horacio Fernández invented one of the bookjockey formats of greater popularity, which almost became a kind of standard. After him had been used with variations, by Saddredine Arezki with Annakarin Quinto and Paco Navamuel, for instance.

Poster announcing Horacio Fernández's BookJockey session

Poster announcing Horacio Fernández’s BookJockey session.

Back on june 2013, all to celebrate the festival of photography, an all day party organized by Blank Paper School of Photography to celebrate end of course, with all kind of activities, students showing their works, launching of Humint by Julián Barón, a photodummy contest, a slide projection on the street, a workshop with Marcos López and a photographic bingo, for example.

Poster for 'Fiesta de la fotografía' at Blank Paper School, june 2013

Poster for ‘Fiesta de la fotografía’ at Blank Paper School, june 2013

We invited Horacio Fernández, well known historian, curator, an expert on photography publications and latin american photobooks, to develop a bookjockey session. And as in other previous occasions with no more rules that the ones he proposed to us. Horacio accepted our challenge, including this lack of rules to follow, immersed himself in his role as dj of books and shortly afterwards he made his proposal. Just like djs do, he would stand at the back of the room, the audience would sit in front of him facing the front of the room, where the books BJ Horacio will show us from his mixer desk would be projected. A video camera right over the table with books would transmit images to the projector and record the session. In this video you can see the result of this magnificent meeting, a delicious journey through a lot of books from all ages and origins, to introduce to a non-specialized audience a variety of proposals, stories told in book form. You can see the list of them below the video and here some social media editing on storify.


NOTE: Video has original subtitles in spanish, english subtitles are provided through the automatic translation youtube provides. Activate CC (closed captions) button to see them. And has, on top of the screen, notes with the bibliographical references of the books BJ Horacio is showing. Subtitles can be automatically translated into other many languages and configurated their apperance through ‘options’ button.
You can contribute with a human translation to be uploaded to improve english subtitles.


List of books used on this session:

Union der Sozialistischen Sowjet Republiken
El Lissitzky
Cologne: Pressa, 1928

Allegria di Ungaretti
Annalisa Cima, Ugo Mulas
“Occhio magico” n. 8
Milano: All’insegna del pesce d’oro, 1968

Eugenio Montale, via Bigli, Milano
Annalisa Cima, Sante Achilli
“Occhio magico” n. 7
Milano: All’insegna del pesce d’oro, 1968

Casi letanía
Efraín Subero
Caracas: Editorial Arte, 1965

Bioautobiografía de Jorge Luis Borges
Juan Fresán
Buenos Aires: Siglo Veintiuno Editores, 1971

La república Argentina
Gustavo Thorlichen, Jorge Luis Borges
Buenos Aires: Nuestro Pabellón, 1958

Avenida Niévski
Nikolai Gógol
São Paulo: Cosac Naify, 2012

El Paseo Ahumada
Enrique Lihn
Santiago de Chile: Minga, 1983

The Tale of South Pacific. Special Edition
Lehmann Books, 1958

París. La Revolución de Mayo
Carlos Fuentes
México: Era, 1969

花火 [Hanabi]
Rinko Kawauchi
Tōkyō: Little more, 2001/2009

Orbis Pictus aneb Svět v Objectivu
Josef Brukner, Jan Pařík, Jaroslav Mrnka
Praha: Mladá Fronta, 1964

Luc Chessex
Luc Chessex
Caracas: Fototeca, 1978

e. dittborn, final de pista
Eugenio Dittborn
Santiago: Galería Epoca, [1977]

Vivir o Morir
Alfonso Alcalde
Santiago de Chile: Editora Nacional Quimantú, 1973

Testigos y cómplices
Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
México: Martin Casillas Editores, 1982

Stalingrad. July 1942 – February 1943
Georgi Zelma, Konstantin Simonov
Moscow: Novosti Press Agency Pub. House, 1965

Seitsemän auringon yö – vuosi kuusamon erämaissa
Matti A. Pitkänen
Helsinki: Weilin & Göös, 1966

Parana, le petit Indien
Dominique Darbois, Francis Mazière
Paris: Fernand Nathan, 1953

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