#BJ_Navamuel, ‘FiestaK’, Kowasa, 27.03.2015 [eng

Sadly, Kowasa is now closed, their website too, yet you will find some images so you can make up an idea of how it was. It has been a reference for photographers and photobookies not only in Barcelona, but all around Spain, and many other places, for sure.

And before they said goodbye they wanted to organize a farewell party called FiestaK with some activities, announced on twitter and on facebook with a poster like this:

Poster for FiestaK, Kowasa farewell party on 27.03.2015

Poster for FiestaK, Kowasa farewell party on 27.03.2015

They wanted to include a bookjockey session as one of the activities the bookshop gave to theis guests on this special occasion and Paco Navamuel was the person for this task.


Paco Navamuel preparing the session on the previous days / photo by Photobook Club Barcelona

He selected some 80 photo books, from around 10.000 volumes that were in the shop after the final inventory, to represent the wide range of books you were able to find on their shelves. Willy Rojas, manager more than ten years at the bookstore, helped Paco with the selection and during the session, moving away the books Paco already used. With so many books to show I’m sure two extra hands were much appreciated. Check it out yourself, take a view at the session recorded on this video:

At the same time I’m writing this, Paco is publishing on 10×10 photobooks instagram account a lot of books and a daily mini bookjockey on a 15 seconds video. I will publish them all together on this web.

Finally some social media editing:
BookJokcey session #032 by BJ_Navamuel on Storify


Photo by Oscar Ciutat (CC BY-NC-ND)

Look at the rest of photos by Oscar Ciutat on facebook.

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