Some questions for Laia Sabaté and Toni Amengual

Hi Laia, Hi Toni

Hi Boni

Hi Boni


This Friday you will participate in “Photobook live” with a four-hands BookJockey session.

that’s right

You’re going to be the first to perform, does that make you more nervous?

Not at all, those who will be nervous will be those who come after us!


Have you attended a session before?

Yes. Several, actually. And Paco Navamuel made us very impressed with the bookjockey he made at Art Libris a few years ago. That is why we have resolved to improve it.

And you, Laia?

I do! When I was living in Madrid!
I saw a couple of sessions by Miren Pastor!


At that moment, did you see yourself making one?

I had never considered it, although it seemed a very funny idea!

why not? I find it a cool and interesting format. I did not raise it at that time, but I if there are photos and books involved I am easy to get mix up.


So it did not take much to accept the proposal, was there anything in particular that made your mind up?

No. It didn’t at all. I am personally motivated to give us creative freedom and the opportunity to work with Laia, whom I have known and admired for years.

When I was proposed to participate in this activity with Toni was a big surprise. I wanted soooo much to do something with him! And more at the CCCB!
In addition, I was especially excited to do some activity related to the exhibition Fenomen Fotollibre with which I’ve participated by recording part of the audiovisual material 🙂


How was the proposal?

We were contacted by WidePhoto and they proposed the collaboration. Initially they called Jam Photobook Session. Something closer to improvisation in jazz than to disco music. They told us that they had been matched us and I thought everything was great.

Gema wrote me through Facebook because I had not answered the mail… It was to tell me, quickly talk to Toni and say yes.


Are you practicing a lot?

The truth is that we really like the improvisation part of Jam Sessions. We have made a very simple initial approach, which is that with the budget that has been provided for the activity, we have been able to acquire 4 incunable copies that for us are key pieces in the history of the book and in our trajectory. But for one reason or another have not received the attention they deserve from the world of the photobook. I will only tell you that none of the four photobooks that we are going to present are in the exhibition Phenomenon photobook. In part also because they are copies very difficult to find.
From this approach and with the books on the table we will let them flow and we will go over the key points of these books and their relationship with the history of art and the book.

It has taken us time to get them but we finally have them!


That was another question: What is the approach of your session? 🙂

that one. 4 photobooks that condense the history of the world photobook and that for us are key. It has taken us a lot to agree and reduce the entire history of the photobook in 4 works. But we think we have achieved a perfect balance with just 4 pieces. It has been a brutal synthesis exercise.

We want that these copies that have been discontinued from our day-to-day, have the attention that we believe they deserve and thus, through them, to analyze the keys that for us need a good photobook.


In addition to the public’s knowledge of these books, what kind of expectations do you have with your session?

Make the public understand the importance of the photobook as a tool to generate thinking. That behind a photobook is an elaborate speech, a work far beyond the aesthetic. A willingness to transmit ideas, feelings, emotions… And that is why they are indispensable pieces for anyone who is interested in the world in which they live.



What are you going to bring that is different from other BookJockeys?

We’ll save it for next Friday! 😉

I do not know if we can contribute something different because it is a very complete format already. What we will do for sure, is to spread it.


Laia, do you want to ask any of your improv partner?

Yes! Toni, have you sent me the mail you owe me? 😉 wink!
No, joking aside. Did you fear that I, being your ex-student, stayed a little in the background and there was this student-teacher relationship?

I was afraid that would happen what used to happen in class, which is that you questioned everything I said and you made me look ridiculous in front of the rest of the class.

Toni, your turn, if you want.

There are no questions sir.



Fine, and finally, who do you want to dedicate?

Me, to my mother, as always !!  And to daddy, too!!

I want to dedicate it to all those people who hold the business of the private warehouses with boxes of photobooks that some day they published. To tell them that I understand them and that they think that we are making a great contribution to the families of all the people who are dedicated to the storage.



I thank them both for their willingness to answer these questions through facebook chat. And if you have patience to download, I leave you with some animated gifs that appeared during the conversation, in no particular order:

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