Tapas Duras @ Polyptyque 2019, MundArt ~ 31.08.2019

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Tomorrow starts the second edition of Polyptyque, the Salon for Contemporary Photography in Marseille, a two days photography fair organized by Centre Photographique Marseille. If you are lucky to be there, you’ll be able to attend to a second session by Tapas Duras collective, after their debut in Valencia, last March.

BookJokcey Session by Tapas Duras
Polyptyque 2019
70 rue de la Joliette
saturday, August 31st, 2019
5 pm.
Marseille, France

Mañana arranca la segunda editición de Polyptyque, el Salón de la Fotografía Contemporánea en Marsella, una feria de dos días organizada por el Centre Photographique Marseille. Si tenéis la suerte de estar por allí, podréis asistir a la segunda sesión del colectivo Tapas Duras,  tras su debut en Valencia, el pasado marzo.

Sesión BookJockey de Tapas Duras
Polyptyque 2019

70 rue de la Joliette
sábado, 31 de agosto de 2019
17:00 h.
Marsella, Francia

Emilie Hallard & Pablo Porlan @ Festival Impressions, Paris, 23.06.2015

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Emilie Hallard and Pablo Porlan -creators of the photobook festival Le PhotobookFest in 2013 and the publishing house Maria Inc in 2014- organized a double four-hands BookJockey session back in 2013, for the first edition of Le PhotoBookFest in Paris. Now is their turn to be the protagonists of a session for the first edition of Festival Impressions, devoted along 10 days to nowadays photobook with talks, book signings, exhibitions, etc. at Le Monte-en-l’air bookshop-gallery in Paris. Check here the entire program.

BookJockey session by Emilie Hallard and Pablo Porlan
Festival Impressions
Librairie Galerie Le Monte-en-l’air
71, rue de Ménilmontant / 2, rue de la Mare
tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
8:30 pm.
Paris, France


Poster for Festival Impressions 2015 // Cartel del Festival Impressions 2015

Emilie Hallard y Pablo Porlan -creadores del festival de fotolibros Le PhotobookFest en 2013 y de la editorial Maria Inc en 2014- organizaron en 2013 dos sesiones BookJockey a cuatro manos para la primera edición de Le PhotoBookFest en París. Ahora es el turno de que sean ellos los protagonistas de una sesión para la primera edición del Festival Impressions, dedicado durante 10 días a la actualidad del fotolibro con charlas, firmas de libros, exposiciones, etc. en la galería-librería Le Monte-en-l’air de Paris. Mira aquí el programa completo.

Sesión BookJockey de Emilie Hallard y Pablo Porlan
Festival Impressions
Librairie Galerie Le Monte-en-l’air
71, rue de Ménilmontant / 2, rue de la Mare
martes 23 de junio de 2015
20:30 h.
París, Francia

Le BookJockey in Le PhotobookFest


Two very special session will be held in Paris, as part of the activities of the new International PhotoBook Festival Le PhotobookFest organized by Le Paris PhotoBook Club. If you are in Paris next saturday and sunday for any of the multiples photography fairs and festivals flooding the city with images, may you are a photobookie or not, you will have this incredible opportunity to assist to a BookJockey session live! Double program, doubles!

Newbies Sadreddine Arezki and Annakarin Quinto will begin on saturday 16 5 pm., and this is what they have to say about their performance:

What would happen if we put Robert Frank, Martine Derks, Xavier Fernandez, Sven Jacobsen, Lee Friedlander, Helen Sear, Stanley Greene, Stefano Marchionini, José Suhadolnik, Antoine D’Agata, Lionel Bayol Thémines, Gilles Peress, Letizia Battaglia, Vivian Maier, Robert Doisneau, Walker Evans, Bertien van Manen, Stéphane Duroy , Jim Goldberg, Daido Moriyama, Raymond Depardon, Gilbert Fastenekaens, Laurent Champoussin,Timothy H. O’sullivan, Claudine Doury, Kate Nolan… * in the same room ?

For a possible answer Rendez-vous Saturday Nov. 16th at 18.00 for an exclusive photobookDJ session at picture tank – 19 rue Bisson – 75020 The only place to be during Paris Photo, Off Print and Fotofever

(* temporary list; it may change but do not dream : we are incorruptible)

Next day, sunday 17th 6 pm., Juan Cires and Ricardo Garrido -on their second experience for both, and their first ‘doubles’ one- just say:

“The ping the pong” is a special Bookjockey session where two photobookDJs join forces to return to life old photobooks, to find out the secrets that hold the rarest photobooks and to discover the details of the greatest classics of the photobook. It’s really entertaining.

Any question? Take a look, only 14 of these books are travelling to Paris:

Questions still? Well, then watch this teaser:

Both sessions will be held at:
L’Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank
19, rue Bisson
75020 Paris