#10x10Navamuel: mini bookjockey sessions on instagram [eng

10×10 photobooks invited Paco Navamuel to take over their instagram account this past week, from 5th to 12th of April, 2015. He has uploaded loads of pictures of photobooks, all labelled with the hashtag #10x10Navamuel. At the end of every day he included a mini bookjockey session a 15 seconds video with some books, all related in some way, and everyone of them recorded in a different way. Enjoy.


Day 1/7: Peripheral landscape


Day 2/7: Photographers Walking


Day 3/7: Architecture


Day 4/7: Nature


Day 5/7: Independent publishers and photographers catalan and spanish


Day 6/7: Fanzines, fotozines and small spanish publications




#BJ_Navamuel, ‘FiestaK’, Kowasa, 27.03.2015 [eng

Sadly, Kowasa is now closed, their website too, yet you will find some images so you can make up an idea of how it was. It has been a reference for photographers and photobookies not only in Barcelona, but all around Spain, and many other places, for sure.

And before they said goodbye they wanted to organize a farewell party called FiestaK with some activities, announced on twitter and on facebook with a poster like this: Continue reading